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Blog Pets, Vets and Independence Day : I deal in hope

I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Blog Pets, Vets and Independence Day

You are not doing that pet dog you claim to love so much any favors by dragging the pet to a family gathering that includes fireworks. For an animal with sensitive ears, fireworks are not only startling, they are terrifying.

When our kids were growing up, Chris had a Black Lab mix. Back then, not only did we shoot off fireworks, but families often gathered across the street at the park for full-blown fireworks shows. While our daughter’s cat would hide far under a bed to get away, poor Midnight was too big to hide in such places. At times, Chris gave him attention. Other times we left him inside. One time he was so terrified, he trashed the dining room, knocking over chairs, etc in trying to escape.

Some pets harm themselves in their attempts to find a safe place to hide. It is not funny to set off fireworks near a pet, especially not on purpose.

Protecting and providing is a responsibility of a pet owner. Your pet’s needs are important. Exposing them to fireworks is not only foolish, but cruel.

Pets are not the only casualties of the fireworks so many of us enjoy. Independence Day is a day we celebrate a nation of faith and freedom. But freedom came and continues to come at the price of soldiers we send out to protect us, our families and our nation. Soldiers do not come home unchanged. Many suffer flashbacks to times of ducking for cover while everything exploded around them. Many saw friends die or maimed in horrific ways. Many soldiers return with mental as well as physical challenges.

For many soldiers, fireworks brings the war back to the present with disastrous results. Consider the soldiers among family and friends before shooting off fireworks or before insisting they attend a fireworks show. What can you do to help the situation? Do not force or guilt a vet into being part of a celebration that includes fireworks, especially if you sense reluctance. Let them choose where to be during such times. That may far away from the fireworks.

Love is about doing what is best for another. During celebrations, such as July 4th that includes fireworks, love enough to help vets and pets find a place of safety and quiet —away from fireworks.

By Carolyn R Scheidies

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