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Loija Nguyen on UnsplashEver since we got married a whole lot of years ago September 2nd, we’ve tried to eat out the second of each month to celebrate. Even when our finances were stretched beyond reason, we’d try to budget eating out one time during the month—the second.

We’ve been consistent, though things don’t always work out as planned. Hospital stays and surgery recoveries interfered, among other things—like Covid. At such times, we’re grateful that some places deliver or do carry-out. More now since Covid. Another problem now is my many sensitivities. Not every eating establishment is suitable, as we have discovered.

May 2022, we planned to eat at Applebees. It is May! We expect decent weather by May. In fact, a few days earlier we’d turned on the AC—only to switch it back to heat when the weather turned cold, windy, rainy and just plain nasty for several days.

By the time we were ready to head out for supper, we really didn’t want to go out. I checked the allergen menu and chose what I wanted. Keith tried to order online, but some of my sensitivities aren’t listed. We hoped for home delivery, but when I called, the best we could do was carry out. Well, they did bring it out, so Keith wouldn’t have to get out of the car. Calling meant I could tailor my food for my sensitivities so I wouldn’t have any nasty reactions.

So, we celebrated another monthly anniversary in the security and warmth of our own home, at our own table with good food I didn’t have to fix. Once more we gave thanks for another month of life, another month of being together. Thankful for our many blessings. Hopefully though, next month we can go out.

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