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After Keith retired several years ago, we were able to purchase the car of our dreams. Most of our married life we had old cars that didn’t stress out our extremely tight budget. It felt good to be able to purchase something better. We found a car both of us could get in and out of fairly easily. Though, of course, we cared about what was under the hood, we were excited that we found a car that worked in “our” color—a deep burgundy red. I also loved the heated seats.

That car gave us good service and we never stopped liking that car. However, we are older, we don’t bend as easily. Also, we needed to keep our front seats back. That meant we basically had very little room in the back seat. Certainly, it wasn’t comfortable for adults. Keith needed a car that was easier to get in and out of without pain. Further, we planned to vacation with friends in August, now that they are also retired. Our car would not do.

Finally, we headed to Midway after lunch. Keith made it clear to the salesman assisting us that we weren’t planning to buy that day. We were simply in the looking stage. In his office, he brought up a car meeting our requirements. And it was red. You bet we’d take a look.

The more he talked about the car, the better it seemed to meet our expectations. Yes, getting in and out went well. The sticker price was a surprise for that much car, which was only couple years old. Wow! Our drive was great.

Who knew God would make sure the very car we needed was on the lot—let go by a couple who, after buying it, sold it back because they had been assigned to go overseas as missionaries. So, instead of looking at other cars, we found ourselves back in the office filling out a pile of paperwork to purchase the car.

The car now sits in our garage, and we can’t believe the speed with which this went down. We expected a drawn out process, but God knows our abilities and energy. While I doubted we’d find a car we liked and in our color, God smiled and blessed us anyway. How can I not trust He cares.

I am thankful for our new-to-us car.

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