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Blog Attitude and blessings during a pandemic : I deal in hope

I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Blog Attitude and blessings during a pandemic

The immense challenges of 2020 were unexpected. No one predicted the year we’ve left behind—with relief. We’ve dealt with any number of unexpected events and tragedies during my lifetime including 911 and flues that sent many home from school and jobs to recover, to the hospitals, and to the mortuaries.


Still, nothing prepared us for not only the Covid-19 pandemic but also the response to it that had never before been part of dealing with a contagion, flu or other deadly diseases. This time we insisted those who were still healthy be as restricted as those who showed signs of illness. This disease targets the elderly and those with underlying health conditions, yet we insist on treating children in the same way we treat adults—cutting them off from human contact in public and at school.


Without their consent or vote, we locked up the elderly in centers where family members could not check on them to make sure our parents or loved ones were not being abused in any way. They were cut off from family and from hugs and attention at the very time they most needed it.


We insisted on masks and self-distancing until it almost became a habit and someone giving a hug looked at almost with horror. Restrictions on gatherings have caused untold difficulties from the destruction of livelihoods to the inability to worship all together and encouraging interpersonal relationships so vital to the health and the well-being of human beings.


Many died. Many from Covid, some from the increase in loneliness, suicide, drugs and alcohol usage and mental health issues–some of which stemmed from the lack of contact. We can look back and see nothing but tragedy or we can look back and also see the positives of the year, positives that can carry us forward with hope.


This pandemic happened at a time practically the whole world is interconnected. We have social media with friends around the world with whom we can “talk.” We have video chats and Zoom, which means we can still be part of a worship service, a business meeting or gather as a family from places all over the country to laugh and catch up with each other’s lives.


Many parents have discovered the value of homeschooling and have turned to this more intimate mode of education for their children. Schools have gone to online education, which while certainly not as personal as classroom learning still helps ensure children are not left behind.


Staying home for some individuals and families has been a blessing, with more family time, along with more quiet time to think and just be. Businesses have discovered many employees work as effectively at home as at work. Some businesses will even continue this arrangement with some employees after the pandemic is over.


We are a resourceful people, and we can be amazingly creative in handling whatever comes up. We must also remember we are a free people and be cautious of the intrusion of government into our lives.


The best way to beat this situation is to look for the good and positive. Count the blessings and give thanks. The best way to deal with what’s happening isn’t with complaints, anger, and frowns, but with hope and a positive, upbeat attitude that God is good and tomorrow really is another day.

© 2021 Carolyn R Scheidies
Published in Kearney Hub 2/1/2021

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