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Blog A great nation begins with Good Samaritans : I deal in hope

I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Blog A great nation begins with Good Samaritans

It was a Sunday after a snowfall. We usually left early for church because we pick someone up. Keith pulled out of our driveway and got stuck in the dip before connecting with the road. We couldn’t go forward or backward. Keith got a scoop and tried to scoop snow from around the wheels. I called our neighbor to do our pick up.

As we tried to get free, a man stopped his car, got out and helped get us free. He took our thanks but refused any monetary thanks. Later that afternoon, Keith, as church financial secretary, needed to return to church to count the money. He also planned to head up to Target for a prescription and a few other items. Though Keith had scooped the area, the car still stalled. Again, Good Samaritans stopped to help.

While he was gone our neighbor, with his new snowblower, started clearing our walks. When that wasn’t enough, he got out his shovel. When he was near the door, I open it to thank him and offer him pay. He firmly refused. “It’s what neighbors do,” he said

My brother Paul had been the one to clear our walks before he died in January. Turned out, Paul had also cleared our neighbor’s drive a few times. Even without that, I am convinced our neighbor would have reached out. I felt like crying. Scooping isn’t easy for Keith these days. He goes out, scoops a short while, comes in to rest and goes out again.

Winter or summer, when we’re gone, usually to spend time with kids and grandkids, our friend and neighbor from down the street watches our house. She makes sure everything inside is ok and brings in the mail and the newspaper.

Many celebrities and elected leaders claim America is no longer great and has so many problems we need to change to another form of government. But whatever these people claim, the greatness of America doesn’t come out of  Hollywood or Washington DC. It comes from the people. Over and over when bad things happen or there is a need, the American people reach out in whatever way is needed. That may be sending money, writing letters to our soldiers, or in stepping up and helping a neighbor or even a complete stranger in need.

While many wonder about the next generation, I have hope as I remember what happened a couple of years ago. I’d fallen and smashed my shoulder. I was outside in the late afternoon, trying to retrieve the Kearney Hub on the sidewalk in front of the door with one of my hooks. Wasn’t going so well one handed. A young boy riding passed on his bike hopped off, ran down the sidewalk, grabbed up the paper and handed it to me. Before I could scarcely stutter out a thank you, he was on his bike riding away.

As long as we care about one another, we will not be divided by rhetoric usually meant to get people upset and angry. Instead, we will remember who we are–a great nation because our citizens still care about one another.

By Carolyn R Scheidies

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