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Bio Book Press Release Three Sisters of Stanhavon Castle : I deal in hope

I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Bio Book Press Release Three Sisters of Stanhavon Castle

Author Carolyn R Scheidies Latest Novel is a Historical Romance Collection

Three Sisters of Stanhavon Castle” is the title of Carolyn R. Scheidies’ latest novel series released late fall last year. The Inspirational Regency Romance collection is now in Public and church libraries across the Midwest.

Scheidies who lives in Kearney, Nebraska said, “Most of my book series have been released one at a time. This time we decided to release a volume with all three full-length novels of the new series included.”

That means the “Three Sisters of Stanhavon Castle” volume is a three-book collection all in one. Easy to take along to read, easy to store, and, always, all three novels are available together.

Scheidies said, “I’ve been working on this series on and off for several years, writing and reworking the stories until they felt like a cohesive whole.”

The books are a good balance of plot and character-driven that allows the depth required to create memorable characters that stay with you after the final page is turned.

The Three Sisters of Stanhavon Castle collection includes:

Book 1:  The Solicitor and the Marquis’ Niece

Book 2: The Earl’s Brother and the Healer

Book 3: Sara and the New Marquis

Synopsis: Three sisters have been raised by their loving Uncle Rupert, the Marquis of Stanhavon, since the death of their parents. Though Stanhavon Castle is a crumbling ruin, and the war with Napoleon left the family coffers practically empty, the Marquis raised the girls with an independent spirit and faith. On his death, they are left to fend for themselves.

Jerusalem (Jerri) is the oldest. At 19 she wonders how she’ll care for her younger siblings, especially when their new, handsome, lawyer has few helpful ideas. Bethlehem (Beth) only a year younger, is a healer, but what is she to do when the new doctor doesn’t believe a young innocent woman should be in the medical profession? Younger sister Sara struggles with her health, but she is determined to save the castle. What will she do when an heir suddenly shows up, furious at the wrong done his branch of the family generations earlier? But there is a legend about a hidden treasure. Would discovering it change the heir’s heart about the castle’s future? And what about other strange things happening in the Castle?

The three very different young women deal with their situations in various ways as three unique men enter their lives. They must deal with misunderstandings, danger, and more as they learn that God’s plans are very different from theirs. Will those plans be revealed in time to save their home, their hearts…and their lives?

Scheidies writes for those who enjoy books that lift up and are filled with love and faith and hope.

Three Sisters of Stanhavon Castle” can be ordered through Amazon and most book outlets. Available in print and Kindle versions. http://idealinhope.com/books  https://booklocker.com/books/12085.html

If you would like a copy for your library messenger me.

(c) 2022 Carolyn R  Scheidies

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