I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

18 Devotion God Hates Sin–Loves the Sinner
17 Poetry Because I Am—Life’s Value
15 Blog New Year reflections and life
9 Poetry: Hurting
7 Poetry How I Know
3 Blog: That Which is Going Around and Around
1 Blog: YMCA program encourages cancer survivors

31 Blog: Bio End of 2018 Musings
28 Worry—Tomorrow’s Troubles
26 Poetry: Facing Life Head On
17 Blog: Selflessness Key to Contentment, Joy
17 Devotion/Poetry: Religion, Tradition—or Truth
14 Poetry: Christmas Prayer
12 Poetry: He Must Be First
11 Poetry: Message of Love
6 Blog: The Gift
4 Blog: Life brings unscheduled surprises
29 Politics: World Peace Starts with You and Me
27 Poetry: Indecision
26 Politics: All about gratitude and the aftermath of Thanksgiving
20 Blog: Give Kids the Freedom to Be, to Dream
16 Politics: Hate Disguised as Right to Die
14 Politics: Personal & National Accountability
12 Poetry: The Weathering of a Friendship
6 Blog: Life cycles, changes and attitude
5 Poetry: Warmed
2 Devotion: Finding Joy and Satisfaction
31 Poetry: Silence
28 Blog: Cats, birds, and consideration of others
19 Poetry: God’s Plan
17 Politics Devotion Hand of Protection
15 Poetry Voice of Experience
12 Devotion: Place to Trust
10 Blog: Eileen Morgan an example to follow
8 Poetry: When Winds Howl
5 Poetry: Walls I Make
3 Poetry: Not Forsaken
1 Devotion: Do We Reflect Him?
28 Poetry: My Talent or His?
26 Blog: Retirement, surprises, family, friends and reaching out
24 Devotion: The Return
21 Devotion: Remaking God
18 Poetry: Prayer of Victory
13 Poetry: How to Be Enough
11 Politics: Why we need home and national security
10 Devotion: True Motives
6 Devotion: The Bible—God’s Letter of Life, Hope and Love
3 Poetry: Who I Am in Christ
2 Devotion: Not about ‟Dos and Don’ts”
30 Poetry: I See Him
28 Blog Bio Fredrickson family reunion made good memories in Kearney
27 Poetry: Only One Who Can
23 Devotion: Empty Heart, Meaningless Life
20 Devotion: Do I Reflect Him—or Me
19 Poetry: Road to Wholeness
14 Blog: I’m grateful this fall wasn’t so bad
9 Poetry: Cycles
8 Blog: Writing—Release your writing potential
7 Poetry: Why I know He Lives
6 Poetry: All the Time
2 Poetry: Hurting
31 Blog: Passwords a pain; losing them even more so
30 Poetry: Life’s Zip Ride
20 Poetry: What a Pen Can Do
17 Blog: Triple Crown winner brings back memories
16 Devotion: Thoughtless Words
13 Devotion/Poetry: Blame
11 Devotion: Discretion
9 Poetry: Have it All Wrong
7 Poetry: The Awakening
5 Devotion: Evolution and the Meaning of Life
2 Blog: Jiggs, Life stories & the importance of passing them on
1 Devotion: He Sees. He Knows
29 Poetry: Love Vs Anger
27 Devotion: Judge or Joy
25 Poetry: Like the Red Rose
21 Devotion: Only Hope
19 Politics: Fewer regulations, taxes and fees is win-win for everyone
17 Devotion: Be Brave and Bold
13 Poetry: Blank Page Revelation
11 Devotion: His Actions or Our Choices?
8 Devotion: Meditation on the 23rd Psalm
7 Poetry: Broken Trust?
5 Blog: Make aging a blessing with attitude of gratitude
4 Poetry: Chasing Worry
31 Devotion: Putting Fear in its Rightful Place
30 Poetry/Devotion: Trust
28 Blog: Memorial Day Remembered 1958
25 Devotion/Poetry: Wilderness
23 Poetry: The Truest Friends
21 Blog: Scheidies Spring Fling–the blessing of family
21 Do I Worship the Image or the Reality?
18 Devotion: Who am I serving?
16 Poetry: Not So Good After All
14 Poetry: The Anatomy of the Death and Life of Relationships and Civil Discourse
11 Poetry: The Answer to Fear
8 Blog: Mother’s Day surprise
7 Blog: Confusing Spring Weather
6 Devotion: Making Him #1
4 Poetry: Because I Am—Value of a Life
2 Devotion: Playing Games with God?
1 Devotion: Losing that First Love
30 Poetry: Meeting a New Day
27 Devotion: Politics of Truth
24 Blog: Nebraska—Winter in April
22 Poetry: Gift Inside
19 Devotion: Knowing God’s Word—Specific or General?
18 Poetry: Just Right Arms
16 Devotion: Who is the Fool?
13 Blog: Snow Fort–Childhood Memoir
12 Devotion: Before Speaking–Think
11 Poetry: Not Alone
10 Blog: With This Ring
9 Poetry: The Rescuer
6 Poetry: Heart Craft
5 Poetry: Let Go and Let God
4 Devotion: Not A Perfect Life
2 Poetry: Faithful
31 Poetry: Freely Given
30 Poetry: Because He Came
29 Poetry: Creation in Chains
27 Blog: Easter is about life, the savior who died for you, me
26 Devotion: He Did it For ME!
25 Devotion: Message of Love
23 Devotion: Well Done
22 Poetry: Morning Meditations
21 Devotion: The Healthy Heart and Life
19 Devotion: Bondage or Freedom in Jesus
16 Devotion: When It Counts, Do I Abandon Jesus?
15 Devotion: True or Temporary Value
13 Politics: Trump speech article attracted reactions
12 Poetry: Discernment
8 Poetry: Victory in Him
7 Poetry: Beyond Me
6 Poetry: Life’s Epitaph
5 Devotion: Our True Treasure—Knowing God
4 Poetry: Hope in a Culture of Darkness
2 Poetry: Am I Running From–or Too
1 Devotion: God’s Hand of Protection
27 Blog: After time away, there’s no place like home
26 Devotion: Not a Teddy Bear God Devotion
22 Devotion: The Basics of Faith
21 Devotion: Illusion of Safety
19 Devotion: Voice of Experience
16 Politics: Another school shooting–Why?
15 Poetry: A New Day with Jesus
13 Politics: My response to President Trump’s 2018 State of the Union Address
12 Poetry: What a Pen Can Do
8 Devotion: What is Prayer?
5 Devotion: It’s About Grace
2 Poetry: Choosing Celebration
30 Blog: Celebrating life all year long
26 Poetry: The Predominant Hue
24 Devotion: The Healthy Heart, Mind, Body and Soul
23 Poetry: Next Week
22 Poetry: Destiny
21 Politics: Changing a culture of hate
19 Politics: Evolution? Creation? Does Life Have Meaning?
18 Poetry: Faithful
16 Blog: Facing retirement and questions
15 Politics: When a Nation Turns From God : History Repeats
12 Blog: January 12, 2018 Why in Omaha
11 Poetry: My Shepherd is
8 Devotion: Matter of Trust
6 Poetry: The Disappearance
3 Poetry: What Path Will You Make in the Snow?
2 Blog: 2018 A New Year Reflections
1 Poetry: New Year’s Realization

31 Poetry: New Year’s–A Time of Reevaluation
30 Blog: Reflections Between Christmas and New Year 2017
29 Devotion: Restaurant Going the Second Mile
28 Devotion: He Must Be First
27 Poetry: Fear
26 Poetry: Best Thing in Life
24 Devotion: Be Brave and Bold
23 Blog: Christmas—the Best Gift Worth Passing On
22 Poetry: Unto Us—The Savior has Come
21 Poetry: My Will—Yours
20 Poetry: Joy Rises
19 Blog: Snapshots of Christmas past and present
18 Poetry: Christmas Comes
17 Devotion: How to Be a Good Person—not about naughty or nice, but…
15 Devotion: Benefits of Following God
14 Poetry: My ❤️ Wish for Christmas
13 Blog: A Special Christmas Cat
12 Poetry: Memories
11 Poetry: Christmas Truth
10 Devotion: What is Love?
9 Poetry: A Special Gramma
8 Poetry: Christmas Tribute
7 Poetry: Sharing Christ Makes a Difference
6 Blog: Kearney NE, the place I call home
5 Poetry: Revelation of Joy
4 Devotion: God’s Gift of Hope
3 Devotion: Rest and Trust
1 Politics: Personal & National Accountability
1 Poetry: To Deep for Words
30 Poetry: Hope
29 Poetry: Silence
28 Devotion: How to Be a Good Person
27 Blog: From Thanksgiving to Thankmas and Giving Thanks
25 Devotion: Giving Thanks November 2017
24 Devotion: We Give Thanks
23 Blog: Good Memories: Thanksgiving from 2016 November 28
22 Poetry: Why I Give Thanks
21 Blog: New Family Practice location leads to memories about Bob’s Superstore
20 Devotion: Thanksgiving Attitude
19 Blog: Three years ago, and a bunch of miracles later
17 Devotion: Live Brave and Bold
14 Devotion: Religion, Tradition—or Truth
11 Devotion: The Truth About Hope
10 Poetry: Plan
9 Devotion: I was thinking about this scripture passage.