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23 Blog Importance of Friends
21 Devotions Serving with Intelligence
12 Devotional Conditioning
10 Blog It’s the Little Things
12 Weather and Life
22 Bio Accident and Runaway Heart
8 Blog Making community a better place
23 Blog Bio Cowboys, Horse, a different Dream
22 Blog Choices today matter tomorrow
16 Blog Bio The Car Insurance Saga
25 Good Time, Good Friends, Good Memories
12 Blog Bio Holidays, finances, and time to reassess

31 Blog New Year New or The Same old?
28 Blog Bio Ladies’ weekend and a surprise
14 Blog The sad story of Christmas sweaters
8 Blog Gossip: No Need to Pass it On
30 Blog If it isn’t your work, ask before using
29 Blog Biographical First Real Snow
17 Blog Don’t spend the holidays alone—reach out
15  Blog Bio: Joy and Strength
9 Blog Bio I said “No!” to repainting the walls
31 Poetry The Message
28 Blog Bio Bills, IRS and frustration
25 Blog Bio October is all about the spooky.
19 Blog Computers, Frustration and Gratitude
14 Blog Kinsey and the sexual assault on kids in schools & libraries
30 Blog The Problem with Christian heroines
21 Blog Bio Seasons, Life and Attitude
13 Blog Bio Trip, a surprise and Star trek
9 Blog Bio Air Conditioning and Gratitude
7 Blog Bio A Birthday, A Graduation and the Making of Good Memories
30 Long Term Friends
18 Blog Bio Covid Eventually Caught Up with Us
17 Blog Bio Mail, Weather and Just in Time
15 Blog Martin Luther, Reformer, Agent of Change and All-too human
12 Blog The best sort of trip
3 Blog Brand Names, School and Lessons Learned
30 Blog Politics What Happened to Free Speech & Freedom of Thought?
29 Blog Bio Mom Scheidies is gone but we still enjoy getting together as a family
25 Blog Life, Not All About Sunshine and Roses
18 Blog Marriage About Sacrifice and Serving
14 Spring, Summer and Fall is Around the corner
9 Blog Bio Patience, conflict and learning to let go
5 Blog Celebrations Don’t Have to Be Big or Loud
29 Blog Bio Unusual but Fun Bridal Shower
24 Blog Bio We All Need Crutches of One Kind or Another
14 Blog Bio As siblings, we debated with fun, respect
14 Blog Bio Time for a Different car
7 Blog Abortion, the Bible and Guns
30 Blog Bio Energy, age and learning what’s important
28 Remembering—Memorial Day 2022
25 Blog Bio Rain, Rain, and More Rain
23 Blog Bio Girl’s Weekend Out
17 Blog Bio Celebrations worth effort to make positive memories
12 Blog May, Flowers and Hope
9 Blog I don’t like snakes
5 Blog Bio The Joke’s on Me
4 Blog Changing Plans and Gratitude
3 Blog Bio Good Memories of Growing Up with Dogs
29 Blog Miss those grandkids
25 Blog Hats, Hats, Hats
18 Blog It Makes Me Sad My Peers are Catching up
18 Blog The Next Step
12 Blog Books, Books and More Books 
9 Blog Humor, Inhibitions and Paying Attention
7 Blog: Spring vs Winter, Warm vs freeze
7 The Lord’s Model–The Lord’s Prayer
4 Easter more than baskets, bunnies and eggs
31 Blog Whistles, Safety and grandkids
28 Blog My Special Radio
25 Devotion Choice to do Right
22 Blog Bio It has been a long journey to my latest book
16 Devotion True or Temporary Value
15 Blog Following the Example of St. Patrick
14 Blog Ugh! DST
13 Devotion Matter of Trust
11 Blog Politics Is There a Reason to Ban certain Books?
10 Bio Book Press Release Three Sisters of Stanhavon Castle
9 Blog A Schedule and the Truth About Control
5 Blog Politics Don’t Forget Russia
3 Blog Russia, Ukraine and Prayer
1 Blog Bio There are a few bright spots during tax season
15 Blog Bio Adulthood definitely not what I thought it would be
4 Poetry What is Wind
1 Blog Charities—how to choose wisely
18 Blog Why we must nourish hope
3 Blog Before speaking, remember “soft” words

21 Blog Bio Christmas, Jesus and Santa
7 Blog How to balance family, technology
23 Blog The importance of giving thanks
10 Poetry Am I Walking with Jesus?
9 Blog Bio Dogs, fosters, adoption and love
3 Poetry Let it Slide
26 Blog Bio Home, mice, snakes and perspective
21 Poetry Devotion Let Go
18 Poetry His Special Gift
12 Poetry Worn Out and Stressed
11 Blog Bio My sister, my sibling, my friend
7 Blog Politics Covid, vaccines, exceptions, and common sense
27 Blog Bio Time, family and a memorial
26 Poetry Offense
26 Poetry Come without Rash Words
18 Poetry Not Alone—He Was There
15 Poetry Devotional Who Can Reach the People?
14 Blog Rain more enjoyable with gutters
13 Poetry Devotional God’s Message
10 Poetry Devotional True Security
30 Blog Bio Full circle, renovations and Collins Park
23 Blog July 4th and dangers of historical ignorance
19 Poetry Devotion Truly Free
17 Blog Health more than the physical
15 Devotion Poetry The Wisdom of Solomon
3 Blog Bio An Adventure, a storm, stairs and attitude
21 Devotion Poetry Broken or Whole
19 Devotion Poetry Look Up
13 Poetry Devotion Sadly Crying in the Rain—Heart Sorrows
12 Blog Bio Becoming an author not easy, but you can do it
8 Poetry Ode to a Friend
6 Politics Lost Generation
4 Blog Politics Remember History
23 Blog Bio Memorial Day Remembrance 2021 & Family
11 Poetry Hope He Gives
8 Blog Bio New hope as pandemic gives way to hugs
24 Blog Past, Present, Future–the value of perspective
20 Politics Racism, abuse and ignorance=Critical Race Theory
16 Devotion Remember God’s Day—Do We?
13 Devotion Who is Number One in My Life?
10 Blog Thankful for people, park, laughter
7 Devotion Safety Zones—Good or Bad?
5 Devotion Show Forth His Salvation—Being a Witness?
29 Devotion How Shallow Am I? Spiritual Discernment?
27 Devotion God Hates Sin: Loves the Sinner–ME?
26 Blog Politics Tolerance should always be in fashion
23 Blog Politics Are we harming, not protecting our children with Covid mandates?
22 Blog Derek Chauvin Trial and a Broken System
13 Biographical Blog We appreciate instant access with cellphones
11 Devotion How do I start my day?
8 Devotion Salvation more than a single action
30 Blog Easter–it’s our day of hope
21 Devotion. Victor or Victim
19 Devotion The Trust Factor—Respect
16 Blog Bio: Hub title: Finally, a doctor helps me, a maskless patient
12 Devotion poetry My Will—Yours Lord
3 Devotion True & Honest Witness?
2 Blog Before Speaking or Writing–Think
22 Devotion A Time to Rest and Refresh
19 Devotion Games We Play
16 Blog Do I redeem my time by using it wisely?
2 Devotion The People of God Shall be Strong
1 Blog Attitude and blessings during a pandemic
24 Devotion Am I Loving God by my Actions?
22 Devotions. Exposing & Fighting Evil
19 Blog Bio Feeling Welcome—Even Without a Mask
18 Devotion God is Good and There in Time of Need
17 Devotions Whom Do I Serve with my Time and Resources
15 Devotion Exercising Spiritual Discipline
5 Blog You can make 2021 better than 2020
5 Poetry Devotion— How to Gain Discernment
4 Poetry Victory

28 Poetry Silent Wings
27 Poetry The Blessing of Grandchildren
22 Blog Don’t let the holiday season steal your joy
13 Poetry The Clock of Life
8 Poetry Count the Blessings
7 Poetry The Timepiece of Life
6 Poetry Thanks for Today God
2 Devotion Oh Give Thanks
1 Blog Count blessings during this holiday season
30 Poetry Reflections
17 Blog Scaring up memories of fun Halloweens
3 Blog Creativity needed in connecting with loved ones
28 Devotion Ask His Direction or Go My Own Way?
20 Blog Saying goodbye not a one-step process
18 Devotion Staying on Track—Don’t Be Misled
7 Devotion Walk By Faith NOT Fear
5 Blog Curb cutout mats with bumps not safe
5 Devotion God’s Principles Don’t Change
30 Blog Politics No safe place for females of any age
29 Devotion. How to Be a Good Person
27 Devotion Fighting for Truth
18 Poetry Time—A Wink, A Blink and a Nod
16 Devotion. Empty Inside? Make Life Count
15 Blog What is the American Dream?
6 Politics Do you pray for our leaders?
31 Blog Bio Before the KSC/UNK campus was accessible
18 Blog Winning friends, influencing people and respect
11 Poetry He Gave Me Hope
9 Poetry Loving Lord, Living Faith
5 Devotion Live Brave and Bold
4 Blog Bio Jiggs a Special Father-in-law
1 Poetry Living Life Well
21 Blog The Problem with Charity Pomotions
7 Blog Masks are not for everyone
5 Blog Bio My Way-or God’s
30 Blog Politics Freedom—historical context
23 Blog Bio Snakes, summer and surprises
9 Blog Bio Mark Scheidies—friend, family and loss
1 Politics Deliberate Destruction of Property, a Crime?
21 Devotion Poetry My Center
19 Blog Bio Spring, Virus and Relief
13 Devotion Giving Up Control?
7 Devotion Afraid to Share Your Faith?
5 Blog bio Surprise on Mother’s Day
21 Blog Restrictions, quarantines not new to epidemics
14 Devotions Not my Way, But His–and Lives in Freefall
13 Blog Biographical The Secret Helper and a Lesson in quiet Generosity
9 Devotions Don’t Let fear Keep You From Sharing God’s Good News
8 Devotion The Key to Wisdom
7 Blog Fear undermines response, our health
6 Blog Liar, lunatic or Lord
2 Poetry Two Words that Changes Lives
30 Blog Jesus Values Each Life—Do I?
26 Blog Prayer Not About ME!
25 Blog Dangers of “Jesus Calling”
24 Blog What are You Worth & the Value of Life
23 Blog Bio My house, my home–wherever it is
20 Blog 2007 Minneapolis Bridge Collapse and What We Can learn from Tragedy
19 Poetry Because Jesus Knows My Name
17 Blog St. Patrick and the Irish
16 Blog politics The “Science” of Evolution
16 Devotions Bio Thirsting for Him–A Cat and a lesson
12 Poetry Discernment
11 Blog Bio A Friend, A Comb and Hope
10 Blog Bio Family and friends step up in time of need
9 Blog Bio Pay It Forward “God’s Car”
7 Blog Our Language Shows America is a Melting Pot
5 Blog How to Become an Encourager
4 Politics Upon Whom Do I Depend?–Entitlement or Freedom
3 Politics Lest We Forget—The Judeo-Christian Foundations of America
2 Blog The Precious Gift of Life and The Passage of Time
26 Blog bio Pest Cat to Sweet Companion…and Then
25 Blog How Christianity Makes Difference
25 Blog Bio Cutie Dog and Kansas Coyotes
24 Poetry A Word Fitly Spoken
20 Blog God’s Word is Powerful–and True. Do you read it?
19 Poetry Come What May
13 Blog Valentine’s Day—Tracing the Tradition
11 Blog Biographical Seventy years and looking forward
9 Poetry Reason Jesus Cares
5 Poetry Re-connection
3 Poetry My Response—My Choice
31 Poetry Devotion The Timepiece
28 Devotion Blog Lord’s Prayer calms in crazy world
16 Poetry What is Faith
14 Blog Carpenters deliver surprise Christmas gift
8 Poetry His Helping Hand

31 Blog Even after my brother’s death, I have hope
23 Poetry Living Sculptures
17 Blog. Christmas is not…
5 Poetry Point of View—God’s…or Mine?
3 Blog Helping hands lift up
19 Blog Thanksgivings past and present–feel the gratitude
14 Devotion Return To The Lord—Change Our World
5 Blog Rest of the story of my 50th high school reunion
4 Poetry Becoming Brave and Bold
3 Devotion Looking Up—Appreciating the simple things
28 Devotion: Evil Influences—and how I respond
23 Blog All Hallows’ Eve—darkness or light?
17 Devotion Quitter
10 Devotion How’s That Attitude?
8 Blog The cycle of life sometimes painful
3 Devotion Led Away
1 Blog Dad’s typewriter became key tool for me
17 Blog Being a Bonus Gramma quite the privilege
16 Devotion Blog Illusion, False News, and Lies We Believe
6 Blog My brother Paul was a dog person–then a surprise
5 Poetry The Cross
25 Poetry Rescue
21 Blog Reading challenges and changes us
19 Devotion Who I am in Christ
16 Poetry Coping with Life
13 Christmas, Cupids and Kisses excerpt
9 Poetry Place Of Safety
6 Blog Reading together as a family builds bonds
30 Poetry The Guarantee
25 Devotion Are We Taking God for Granted?
23 Blog Unexpected welcome left positive memories
22 Devotion Our True Treasure—Ticket to Heaven
11 Devotion Poetry Because Good Works are Not Enough
8 Blog In the Dark of Night voices at the Park–and Gratitude
8 Devotion Not a Teddy Bear God
3 Blog Pets, Vets and Independence Day
1 Poetry From Inner Pain to Peace
27 Devotion Not so Pretty Good After All
24 Devotion Exercise Important for Body, Spirit
23 Devotion What is Love?
19 Poetry Revelation Of Joy
14 Devotion Here Am I, Send Me
11 Blog Dads are critical ingredient to growing up
7 Devotion Where Love Starts
3 Devotions My Hiding Place
2 Devotions Poetry God’s Gift—Hope & Grace
29 Blog Spring Fling: food, fellowship, family
28 Devotion A Matter of Choice
23 Poetry Results of Trusting
21 Poetry Do I Trust or Turn Away?
17 Blog—Power of Words
14 Blog Life is About Relationships, Time Together
14 Blog Love is Not About ME
13 Blog Message of the Flowers
11 Blog Mothers and Gratitude
30 Blog Smile, Cry, Remember—Preserving Memories
29 Poetry Devotions. True Strength
25 Blog The movie Breakthrough
24 Blog Writing a Press Release
23 Blog Unplanned
22 Poetry Devotional Still on the Throne
19 God’s Message of Love
16 Devotions Easter–more than a holiday of eggs and bunnies
15 Devotions Oh Give Thanks
12 Devotions The Beauty of the 23rd Psalm—He Cares
11 Blog Blizzard or …not?
10 Blog Shazam
9 Blog YMCA, Storms and Books
8 Devotions Do I Serve With Attitude?
2 Blog A great nation begins with Good Samaritans
1 Poetry. Like Daniel
29 Poetry Memories of Childhood and Trains
27 Devotions In the Beginning—God
21 Poetry Broken Trust?
21 Devotions Redeeming the Time
19 Blog. It was One of “Those” Weeks
15 Poetry Message of Love
13 Poetry Unto Us
12 Politics—Science and Concensus Doesn’t Mix
9 Poetry I “See” Him
7 Poetry Magic Pill
5 Blog. Some Like it Cold
4 Devotions The Concept of Real Love
1 Poetry Is God Near?
27 Poetry In the Silence
26 Devotion Poetry Is God True?
25 Devotions Sharing my Faith Because Without Jesus We are Lost
21 Devotion It’s About Grace
19 Blog Bio It’s a Shock Turning 69, But I Have a Purpose
18 Politics Climate change denier? Might be on the right track
15 Poetry Let Go…Let God
14 Poetry Devotion A Reflection of Him
11 Politics Whatever Happened to Innocent Until Proven Guilty?
6 Blog Losing Paul—My Champion, My Brother, My Friend
4 Poetry Reminder
31 Poetry Come Away for Rest
30 Politics The Fallacy of White Privilege
28 Poetry My Choice
25 Poetry Comfort Is…
21 Devotion The Lord’s Cut
18 Devotion God Hates Sin–Loves the Sinner
17 Poetry Because I Am—Life’s Value
15 Blog New Year reflections and life
9 Poetry: Hurting
7 Poetry How I Know
3 Blog: That Which is Going Around and Around
1 Blog: YMCA program encourages cancer survivors

31 Blog: Bio End of 2018 Musings
28 Worry—Tomorrow’s Troubles
26 Poetry: Facing Life Head On
17 Blog: Selflessness Key to Contentment, Joy
17 Devotion/Poetry: Religion, Tradition—or Truth
14 Poetry: Christmas Prayer
12 Poetry: He Must Be First
11 Poetry: Message of Love
6 Blog: The Gift
4 Blog: Life brings unscheduled surprises
29 Politics: World Peace Starts with You and Me
27 Poetry: Indecision
26 Politics: All about gratitude and the aftermath of Thanksgiving
20 Blog: Give Kids the Freedom to Be, to Dream
16 Politics: Hate Disguised as Right to Die
14 Politics: Personal & National Accountability
12 Poetry: The Weathering of a Friendship
6 Blog: Life cycles, changes and attitude
5 Poetry: Warmed
2 Devotion: Finding Joy and Satisfaction
31 Poetry: Silence
28 Blog: Cats, birds, and consideration of others
19 Poetry: God’s Plan
17 Politics Devotion Hand of Protection
15 Poetry Voice of Experience
12 Devotion: Place to Trust
10 Blog: Eileen Morgan an example to follow
8 Poetry: When Winds Howl
5 Poetry: Walls I Make
3 Poetry: Not Forsaken
1 Devotion: Do We Reflect Him? Or me?
28 Poetry: My Talent or His?
26 Blog: Retirement, surprises, family, friends and reaching out
24 Devotion: The Return
21 Devotion: Remaking God
18 Poetry: Prayer of Victory
13 Poetry: How to Be Enough
11 Politics: Why we need home and national security
10 Devotion: True Motives
6 Devotion: The Bible—God’s Letter of Life, Hope and Love
3 Poetry: Who I Am in Christ
2 Devotion: Not about ‟Dos and Don’ts”
30 Poetry: I See Him
28 Blog Bio Fredrickson family reunion made good memories in Kearney
27 Poetry: Only One Who Can
23 Devotion: Empty Heart, Meaningless Life
20 Devotion: Do I Reflect Him—or Me
19 Poetry: Road to Wholeness
14 Blog: I’m grateful this fall wasn’t so bad
9 Poetry: Cycles
8 Blog: Writing—Release your writing potential
7 Poetry: Why I know He Lives
6 Poetry: All the Time
2 Poetry: Hurting
31 Blog: Passwords a pain; losing them even more so
30 Poetry: Life’s Zip Ride
20 Poetry: What a Pen Can Do
17 Blog: Triple Crown winner brings back memories
16 Devotion: Thoughtless Words
13 Devotion/Poetry: Blame
11 Devotion: Discretion
9 Poetry: Have it All Wrong
7 Poetry: The Awakening
5 Devotion: Evolution and the Meaning of Life
2 Blog: Jiggs, Life stories & the importance of passing them on
1 Devotion: He Sees. He Knows
29 Poetry: Love Vs Anger
27 Devotion: Judge or Joy
25 Poetry: Like the Red Rose
21 Devotion: Only Hope
19 Politics: Fewer regulations, taxes and fees is win-win for everyone
17 Devotion: Be Brave and Bold
13 Poetry: Blank Page Revelation
11 Devotion: His Actions or Our Choices?
8 Devotion: Meditation on the 23rd Psalm
7 Poetry: Broken Trust?
5 Blog: Make aging a blessing with attitude of gratitude
4 Poetry: Chasing Worry
31 Devotion: Putting Fear in its Rightful Place
30 Poetry Devotion: Trust
28 Blog: Memorial Day Remembered 1958
25 Devotion Poetry: Wilderness and Home
23 Poetry: The Truest Friends
21 Blog: Scheidies Spring Fling–the blessing of family
21 Do I Worship the Image or the Reality?
18 Devotion: Who am I serving?
16 Poetry: Not So Good After All
14 Poetry: The Anatomy of the Death and Life of Relationships and Civil Discourse
11 Poetry: The Answer to Fear
8 Blog: Mother’s Day surprise
7 Blog: Confusing Spring Weather
6 Devotion: Making Him #1
4 Poetry: Because I Am—Value of a Life
2 Devotion: Playing Games with God?
1 Devotion: Losing that First Love
30 Poetry: Meeting a New Day
27 Devotion: Politics of Truth
24 Blog: Nebraska—Winter in April
22 Poetry: Gift Inside
19 Devotion Knowing God’s Word—Specific or General?
18 Poetry: Just Right Arms
16 Devotion: Who is the Fool?
13 Blog: Snow Fort–Childhood Memoir
12 Devotion: Before Speaking–Think
11 Poetry: Not Alone
10 Blog: With This Ring
9 Poetry: The Rescuer
6 Poetry: Heart Craft
5 Poetry: Let Go and Let God
4 Devotion: Not A Perfect Life
2 Poetry: Faithful
31 Poetry: Freely Given
30 Poetry: Because He Came
29 Poetry: Creation in Chains
27 Blog: Easter is about life, the savior who died for you, me
26 Devotion. He Did it For ME!
25 Devotion: Message of Love
23 Devotion: Well Done
22 Poetry: Morning Meditations
21 Devotion: The Healthy Heart and Life
19 Devotion: Bondage or Freedom in Jesus
16 Devotion: When It Counts, Do I Abandon Jesus?
15 Devotion: True or Temporary Value
13 Politics: Trump speech article attracted reactions
12 Poetry: Discernment
8 Poetry: Victory in Him
7 Poetry: Beyond Me
6 Poetry: Life’s Epitaph
5 Devotion: Our True Treasure—Knowing God
4 Poetry: Hope in a Culture of Darkness
2 Poetry: Am I Running From–or Too
1 Devotion: God’s Hand of Protection
27 Blog: After time away, there’s no place like home
26 Devotion: Not a Teddy Bear God Devotion
22 Devotion: The Basics of Faith
21 Devotion: Illusion of Safety
19 Devotion: Voice of Experience
16 Politics: Another school shooting–Why?
15 Poetry: A New Day with Jesus
13 Politics: My response to President Trump’s 2018 State of the Union Address
12 Poetry: What a Pen Can Do
8 Devotion: What is Prayer?
5 Devotion: It’s About Grace
2 Poetry: Choosing Celebration
30 Blog: Celebrating life all year long
26 Poetry: The Predominant Hue
24 Devotion: The Healthy Heart, Mind, Body and Soul
23 Poetry: Next Week
22 Poetry: Destiny
21 Politics: Changing a culture of hate
19 Politics: Evolution? Creation? Does Life Have Meaning?
18 Poetry: Faithful
16 Blog: Facing retirement and questions
15 Politics: When a Nation Turns From God : History Repeats
12 Blog: January 12, 2018 Why in Omaha
11 Poetry: My Shepherd is
8 Devotion: Matter of Trust
6 Poetry: The Disappearance
3 Poetry: What Path Will You Make in the Snow?
2 Blog: 2018 A New Year Reflections
1 Poetry: New Year’s Realization

31 Poetry: New Year’s–A Time of Reevaluation
30 Blog: Reflections Between Christmas and New Year 2017
29 Devotion: Restaurant Going the Second Mile
28 Devotion: He Must Be First
27 Poetry: Fear
26 Poetry: Best Thing in Life
24 Devotion: Be Brave and Bold
23 Blog: Christmas—the Best Gift Worth Passing On
22 Poetry: Unto Us—The Savior has Come
21 Poetry: My Will—Yours
20 Poetry: Joy Rises
19 Blog: Snapshots of Christmas past and present
18 Poetry: Christmas Comes
17 Devotion: How to Be a Good Person—not about naughty or nice, but…
15 Devotion: Benefits of Following God
14 Poetry: My ❤️ Wish for Christmas
13 Blog: A Special Christmas Cat
12 Poetry: Memories
11 Poetry: Christmas Truth
10 Devotion: What is Love?
9 Poetry: A Special Gramma
8 Poetry: Christmas Tribute
7 Poetry: Sharing Christ Makes a Difference
6 Blog: Kearney NE, the place I call home
5 Poetry: Revelation of Joy
4 Devotion: God’s Gift of Hope
3 Devotion: Rest and Trust
1 Politics: Personal & National Accountability
1 Poetry: To Deep for Words
30 Poetry: Hope
29 Poetry: Silence
28 Devotion: How to Be a Good Person
27 Blog: From Thanksgiving to Thankmas and Giving Thanks
25 Devotion: Giving Thanks November 2017
24 Devotion: We Give Thanks
23 Blog: Good Memories: Thanksgiving from 2016 November 28
22 Poetry: Why I Give Thanks
21 Blog: New Family Practice location leads to memories about Bob’s Superstore
20 Devotion: Thanksgiving Attitude
19 Blog: Three years ago, and a bunch of miracles later
17 Devotion: Live Brave and Bold
14 Devotion: Religion, Tradition—or Truth
11 Devotion: The Truth About Hope
10 Poetry: Plan
9 Devotion: I was thinking about this scripture passage.