I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

21 Devotion: The Healthy Heart and Life
19 Devotion: Bondage or Freedom in Jesus
16 Devotion: When It Counts, Do I Abandon Jesus?
15 Devotion: True or Temporary Value
13 Politics: Trump speech article attracted reactions
12 Poetry: Discernment
8 Poetry: Victory in Him
7 Poetry: Beyond Me
6 Poetry: Life’s Epitaph
5 Devotion: Our True Treasure—Knowing God
4 Poetry: Hope in a Culture of Darkness
2 Poetry: Am I Running From–or Too
1 Devotion: God’s Hand of Protection
27 Blog: After time away, there’s no place like home
26 Devotion: Not a Teddy Bear God Devotion
22 Devotion: The Basics of Faith
21 Devotion: Illusion of Safety
19 Devotion: Voice of Experience
16 Politics: Another school shooting–Why?
15 Poetry: A New Day with Jesus
13 Politics: My response to President Trump’s 2018 State of the Union Address
12 Poetry: What a Pen Can Do
8 Devotion: What is Prayer?
5 Devotion: It’s About Grace
2 Poetry: Choosing Celebration
30 Blog: Celebrating life all year long
26 Poetry: The Predominant Hue
24 Devotion: The Healthy Heart, Mind, Body and Soul
23 Poetry: Next Week
22 Poetry: Destiny
21 Politics: Changing a culture of hate
19 Politics: Evolution? Creation? Does Life Have Meaning?
18 Poetry: Faithful
16 Blog: Facing retirement and questions
15 Politics: When a Nation Turns From God : History Repeats
12 Blog: January 12, 2018 Why in Omaha
11 Poetry: My Shepherd is
8 Devotion: Matter of Trust
6 Poetry: The Disappearance
3 Poetry: What Path Will You Make in the Snow?
2 Blog: 2018 A New Year Reflections
1 Poetry: New Year’s Realization

31 New Year’s–A Time of Reevaluation
30 Blog: Reflections Between Christmas and New Year 2017
29 Restaurant Going the Second Mile
28 He Must Be First
27 Fear
26 Best Thing in Life
24 Be Brave and Bold
23 Blog: Christmas—the Best Gift Worth Passing On
22 Unto Us—The Savior has Come
21 My Will—Yours
20 Joy Rises
19 Blog: Snapshots of Christmas past and present
18 Christmas Comes
17 How to Be a Good Person—not about naughty or nice, but…
15 Benefits of Following God
14 My ❤️ Wish for Christmas
13 Blog: A Special Christmas Cat
12 Memories
11 Christmas Truth
10 What is Love?
9 A Special Gramma
8 Christmas Tribute
7 Sharing Christ Makes a Difference
6 Blog: Kearney NE, the place I call home
5 Revelation of Joy
4 God’s Gift of Hope
3 Rest and Trust
1 Politics: Personal & National Accountability
1 To Deep for Words
30 Hope
29 Silence
28 How to Be a Good Person
27 Blog: From Thanksgiving to Thankmas and Giving Thanks
25 Giving Thanks November 2017
24 We Give Thanks
23 Blog: Good Memories: Thanksgiving from 2016 November 28
22 Why I Give Thanks
21 Blog: New Family Practice location leads to memories about Bob’s Superstore
20 Thanksgiving Attitude
19 Blog: Three years ago, and a bunch of miracles later
17 Live Brave and Bold
14 Religion, Tradition—or Truth
11 The Truth About Hope
10 Plan
9 Devotion: I was thinking about this scripture passage.