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Politics: Another school shooting–Why? : I deal in hope

I deal in hope : Carolyn R Scheidies

Politics: Another school shooting–Why?

With another school shooting, we ask ourselves. How could this happen–again? What are we doing wrong? Others offer the suggestion of further gun restrictions. This begs the question of why, when many had rifles in their pickups/vehicles in years past, shootings were not a reality of attending school?

Gun restrictions only deal with one way to assault people and there are many. Take away guns and you’ll have homemade weapons, knives, and bombs. No, the reason for these shootings goes deeper, into the very heart of today’s America.

It goes to the heart of what kids are being taught, what they learn and what they “catch” from the culture at large. In a culture that actually celebrates the killing of the pre-born for any reason whatsoever, how many know they survived when siblings did not? What does this tell them about the meaning and worth of life itself?

Once we taught even public school kids about a Heavenly Father who created, loved them and had a plan and purpose for their lives. Now, this is left to the parents and the church. Children who are taught this fundamental truth develop a solid foundation and have the security of knowing their lives have meaning, purpose, and value. Now schools are filled with the “right” to get rid of a child in the womb and patter about gender that is confusing, not to mention frightening, for children who wonder if they will suddenly turn into another gender.

Further, we allow violence to fill the lives of our children from movies and TV shows to video games where killing is a sport and the goal. Life has little meaning and, as evolution teaches them in school and the games on off hours, all that matters is survival of the fittest. The outcome shouldn’t surprise us.

I’ll get you before you get me. If you bug me, I’ll take you out–permanently.

Want to stop the violence? Teach children they are loved, they are special creations of a loving God and their lives have value, meaning and purpose. Then you’ll see a long-term change in hearts and in outcomes.

By Carolyn R Scheidies

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