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Whether you are reading my articles, devotions, poetry or books, I want you to know that whatever you have or are going through, there is hope. This site is all about one thing–Hope! But hope is more than wishful thinking as my poem reveals.

The Truth About Hope

Hope is what keeps us going when all seems lost.
Hope is what keeps us from giving up, despite the Cost.
Hope is not a feeling to be mustered at will within,
Hope is God’s voice, drawing us to Him.   
From The God Connection

May you find your hope in Him.

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Below you will find two biographies–One professional and one personal

Carolyn R Scheidies is a wife, proud mother of two, and grandmother of wonderful grandchildren she loves to spoil. Though her writing career is important, it is not more important than her family or her faith.

A graduate from the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) with a degree in journalism, Carolyn’s published credits include over two-dozen-plus books (with various publishers including Harlequin and Barbour), several of which have garnered awards. She’s written features, program material and more for a variety of publications, has a regular newspaper column, worked as an editor, speaker/teacher and book reviewer. One of her Kearney Hub columns also won her an Amy Writing Award.

Through the years, Scheidies has spoken to different groups, led workshops, substitute taught in the media dept at UNK for several years and has taught adult enrichment writing classes at Central Community College. She has been interviewed on NTV, KHAS and AFR radio as well as in numerous print and online publications and had a monthly book review segment on NTV when she was a regular book reviewer.
Whatever she does, Carolyn’s goal is to share hope found in Jesus Christ.

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I contracted Juvenile. Rheumatoid Arthritis. when I was 13.

Within a year I was confined to a wheelchair. Over the years I was subjected to a multitude of treatments, many painful. There were times I wanted to give up. But I didn’t. In time I was prayed for and something special happened.

The pain, the great pain I suffered continually,
disappeared. But, I was still disabled. Still confined to a wheelchair I did not have the strength to wheel myself.  However, in that moment I began to fight my way back.

I attended college in a wheelchair long before accessibility was considered a right. I graduated Who’s Who in journalism from the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK).

From college, I went into surgery to replace my knees joints and to straighten my legs. It took another year before I could walk without full-length leg braces and crutches.

During that year my husband and I fell in love and a little over a year after my surgery I walked down the aisle as a bride. With my multiple disabilities, being first wife, then mother and now grandmother is sometimes difficult, but always I have known God is with me through the hard times as well as the good times.

At home, I continued to write and over the years had a measure of success. My published credits include hundreds of plays, poems, meditations, crafts, games, stories and feature articles–and over a  two dozen plus published novels.

Along the way I could have given up, given in to despair and at times–for short times I did, for my medical problems continue.

Since those first surgeries, I have had a second set of knee joints plus one, three hip replacements, ankle surgery, surgery for a broken femur as well as other surgeries–everything from my two c-sections to two biopsies. (We won’t talk about the broken leg, two broken arms, concussions…etc, from falling, trach & feeding tube for three months….)

My point of cataloging my past is for one reason only. To let you know that no matter what you go through, don’t give up on life, on the future or on your dreams.

Most of all, know that God loves you and He cares. He is the God of hope.


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